Why You Should Consider Being A Lash Artist

Being a lash artist means expressing your love for beauty, different lash treatments, as well as feminine looks every day and with loads of different clients! If you’re a people person and you love to do transformations you will easily find yourself in this niche and this industry. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to be a lash artist. 

1. You Are Constantly Perfecting Your Passion 

Being a lash artist means that you’re constantly working and perfecting your skills. You’re either going to do lash lifts, lash extensions and refills, as well as lash tints. Either way, it may be, any of these tasks are done by a certified technician who knows how to prepare your eyelashes and give them the needed approach. Some eyelashes are more complex than others. For instance, mature women will have a lot less material for you to work with. You will learn how to approach hooded eyelids, and different conditions such as alopecia (a state where a person has naturally fewer lashes), and you will also customize every outcome per their preference and eyelid. 

You can choose either: 

A) Give them an eyelash lift – where you will use a solution that will lift up their natural lashes in less than 30 minutes 

B) Go for eyelash tint – where you will tint their eyelashes and give them naturally darker lashes that will look fabulous with no mascara 

C) You can combine both of these previous treatments – a client will end up with darker and lifted natural lashes 

D) Go for lash extensions – a treatment where false eyelashes are glued on top of their natural ones. The process takes 60 minutes to do and is perfect for anyone who demands volume overnight. 

E) A lash refill – a process where an esthetician touches up your previously placed lash extensions and fills up any gaps.

2. Good Carrier Choice and Great Salary 

This is an amazing carrier choice since you’re always exploring & using new and different tools, methods, as well as lash outcomes. You can perfect your skillset and upgrade your knowledge by taking some new courses and by attending a master’s class. The best part? You get to choose how much time you wish to spend each day with your clients. Your workflow is entirely up to you, which means that you get to choose how you’re going to rest and even profit daily. This is an amazing carrier choice since you can always upgrade your knowledge and see where this path takes you. It is ideal for beginners that have no previous experience whatsoever, yet are eager to master some new skills.

3. You Can Easily Find a Job 

You can easily find a job and you can always find a carrier that suits you. Nowadays women from all over the world and women of any age can get their lashes done. By getting your lash certificate and by gaining the needed experience you will easily understand what is popular and what is trending at the moment. If you’re a people person and you’re someone who is interested in the beauty field, as well as the entire beauty industry, you will get a job in a heartbeat! As long as you’re a passionate individual who has an eye for details, you will thrive in this environment!

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4. Be Your Own Boss 

As time goes on and as you progress in this industry you will easily understand what is important to gain your expertise. The more experience you have, the better it is for both parties and on both ends! For starters, you will probably work on your own or at a beauty salon. There, you will meet loads of people who are more than likely going to become your loyal and trustworthy customers. The better you are and as your work progresses, the higher the chances of everyone coming back to you and booking you in advance! Your clients will value your work and will support your work field as time goes on. This will allow you to open up your own beauty salon. Just be patient and remember that this is key if you wish to succeed in this industry.

5. You Get to Meet New People

Last, but not least, are you a people person? If so, you will enjoy working in this industry. It is the perfect carrier choice for women who wish to make new friends and get even closer with their clients. You will feel like you’re gaining new friendships while making them feel beautiful inside out, as well as confident at the same time. You get to have a nice friendly chat and they will appreciate your time, as well as the fact that they can share their daily events with you. Anyone who is in a good mood will tip you as well, and who doesn’t like that?! It is a win-win situation on both ends.

Get Strated

If you want to be a lash artist, and you would like to get started, check out our classes and training, we provide monthly classes for all levels of expertise, as well as supplies needed to become an experienced lash tech