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We Provide Lash Training, Education and Supplies

Ever wondered what it felt like to work in the beauty industry, as well as in a vibrant environment? Are you passionate when it comes to eyelashes? Moka Lash is the perfect starting point for you!

Here at Moka Lash, we provide Lash Training & education on all lash-related topics while teaching you how to approach different kinds of eyelids, eye shapes, as well as lash kinds. Women of any age can feel beautiful, empowered, and independent, we help you to create your dream career by learning the techniques of the lash industry experts.

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Helping Lash Artists

Everyone can become a lash artist. Simply start with the basics and climb your way to the top when getting a master’s license with us.

Our educational Training & platform help newbies & experts get the needed knowledge, thanks to our certified and skilled team members. We are a reliable supplier source that can help every esthetician, beautician, as well as salon get their hands on high-quality materials.

Moka Lash

We are based in Edgewater, NJ, and we serve both New York and northern New Jersey areas. for group and private classes. All of our tools & materials are made and crafted in the USA by experts who have been in this industry for years.

We strive to help professionals of all types, individual techs, as well as established salons and studios, you can rely on our materials & helpful classes, as well as online education. Both individuals or businesses will be left with discount prices when making bulk orders with us. We will make you feel empowered & confident while helping you provide your clients the lashes of their dreams!



Get trained by the experts in the Lash industry, learn from the source itself

Top Quality

Get access to top quality Materials, lashes, tweezers, glues and more


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